Ibogaine hcl,iboga rootbark,voacanga ,iboga seeds

22/04/15 06:49:54 | offer | Cosmetic aids
Ibogaine hcl and iboga root barks for sale we supply iboga, ibogaine Hcl, Iboga TA, Iboga, we have a vast area of herbal farmland as seen on the first image where we cultivate the Iboga plant and other herbal drugs used for theraphy and cleansing of patients. We have the seeds, the root, bark ... of the tree and the flowes for sales and for use in the treatment of patients. Contact use for your Iboga needs email us :dr.yawo2003@gmail.com

Price:£ 10

Location:Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees


yuh yawo

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