E-Cigarette-Shisha Liquid Marlboro Flavor 100ml only € 7 - f

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Electronic cigarette liquid adopts high technology to extract perfume oil, phenols and ketone from tobacco leaf. All of these essential extractions are not harmful to health. The natural essential oil can fully embody the special fragrance of tobacco which can meet your needs of your craving for tob ... acco. This Electronic Cigarette Liquid - Marlboro Flavor is tested by strict quality control and is turned out to be safe and healthy. Mild and mellow flavor is refreshing and helpful to light up your low spirit and fatigue. It is really a favorable and gorgeous companion for you! • Adopt high extract technology, skillful and professional • It is extracted from selected and natural tobacco leaves • Mild and mellow flavor is easy for you to adapt and accustom it • High quality, transparent, non-toxic and no second hand smoke • Help you to give up smoking effectively and healthily • It can meet your needs without harm • Help you to form healthy smoking habit and reduce the possibility of cancer 100ml only € 7,15 – free shipping worldwide SKU: 13015670 www.E-CIGARETTES-STORE.tk Adopting advanced extraction technique, smoke fluid, natural essential oil with tobacco flavor, is extracted from tobacco leaf and can be atomized after special processing. The chemical elements in the tobacco are complex and can be divided into three categories: non-nitrogen compounds, nitrogen compounds and inorganic salt, such as monosaccharide, disaccharide, starch, pectic substances, protein, amino acid, perfume oil and polyphenol. With tobacco flavors and elements that are harmless to human beings, the smoke fluid is excellent for smokers who want to keep healthy and meet smoking addiction.

Price:7 €

Location:Inner London - West


www link:http://goo.gl/G5lKLX

Georg Klaus

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